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All of our products at Pit Stop Auto are warrantied against defects by the original manufacturers. Any warranty claims required will be filed by Pit Stop Auto on the behalf of the buyer.

Pit Stop Auto provides a 1 Year limited warranty.

To file a warranty claim, you must provide your original order number and receipt(s) that show that our products were installed by a professional mechanic or service station. Buyer will need to provide vehicle information as well (Year, Make, Model, Engine, and full VIN number).

All completed and approved warranty requests will result in the replacement of the warrantied part(s) and sent to the pertaining customer.

How to file a warranty claim?

The customer will notify Pit Stop Auto of the warranty return (along with required documentation) to obtain return shipping instructions. Warranty claims will be inspected upon receipt of the returned item. After your returned item is inspected and approved, we will contact you to begin the warranty exchange process.

Every warranty claim is different and is handled on an individual customer basis; we cannot guarantee the same processing times from customer-to-customer, or for multiple warranty claims from a single customer.

*To claim a warranty on an A/C Compressor (purchased individually or in a kit) there are several components within the A/C system that must be replaced to prevent premature failure of the compressor. In addition to the compressor, the accumulator / drier and expansion valve / orifice tube must be replaced with the compressor. If the vehicle being repaired contains a multi-flow / parallel-flow condenser (narrow passages) it must be replaced as well. Any A/C system sealants, such as stop leak used with our products will void the warranty. Lastly, the system must be flushed thoroughly before installation of the new compressor and filled with the correct type and volume of refrigerant and oil. Repair receipts should include a listing that shows these additional components were replaced to qualify for a warranty return.

File a Warranty Claim